Thursday, 16 October 2014

If not TIME, Donate clothes to a poor family!

Joining Swachh Bharat abhiyaan in our own righteous way can be fruitful for some one needy. We can always donate clothes to those kids who are exposed to heat and sunlight because they dont have clothes to wear.

In India, the urban crowd has to come forward and help the rural areas in some way or the other. Recently Mr. Sachin Tendulkar adopted a village.

If we cant adopt a village, we can always help according to our budgets. We are so much brand conscious and spend so much on branded stuff. If we spend a bit on those people who neither have roti, nor kapda, nor makaan, we are really helping in our own righteous way.

So from now we make a pledge, that we will identify one family who is extremely needy and donate them some basic necessities from time to time!

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