Monday, 20 October 2014

3 Easy Ideas to keep environment clean!

3 Easy Ideas to keep environment clean!
1. Keep a car bin: Always keep a small dustin in your car,scooter or carry a small bag to throw garbage.
2. Use tissues: Keep tissue with you in purse, car,or while travelling  in  a bus.
3. Keep spare newspapers with you: If you want to eat in public place, use newspaper as a mat and collect the droppings in it and throw it finally in  a dustbin.


Rickshawwala inspired me!

We can always put our effort to keep the environment clean.The only essence is that we should have a will to do.
Yesterday,I met a rickshawwala who keeps a dustbin in rickshaw and ask every traveller to throw wrapper in his bin.He talks about cleanliness while his rickshaw ride and ask every traveler to do the same with the neighbours, family and friends.

He talked about self discipline , hygiene habits, healthy hand wash.I was surprised to hear from him and about his knowledge.
All i can say is, where there is a will there is a way!

Saturday, 18 October 2014

Express bus in 500 villages

The Banega Swachh India has started an express bus which will travel in 500 villages of India that includes MP UP, Rajasthan, Delhi, Haryana and Maharashtra.This is an initiative by the govt. to spread the health and hygiene practices in villages. Also teach them some basic things like hand wash, sanitation and clean and healthy living!

Thursday, 16 October 2014

If not TIME, Donate clothes to a poor family!

Joining Swachh Bharat abhiyaan in our own righteous way can be fruitful for some one needy. We can always donate clothes to those kids who are exposed to heat and sunlight because they dont have clothes to wear.

In India, the urban crowd has to come forward and help the rural areas in some way or the other. Recently Mr. Sachin Tendulkar adopted a village.

If we cant adopt a village, we can always help according to our budgets. We are so much brand conscious and spend so much on branded stuff. If we spend a bit on those people who neither have roti, nor kapda, nor makaan, we are really helping in our own righteous way.

So from now we make a pledge, that we will identify one family who is extremely needy and donate them some basic necessities from time to time!

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

IF NOT TIME,10 things you can donate to the SOCIETY!

We all are busy in our daily routine and have no time for the society to join the campaign , right? Then there are 10 things which we can donate to the society, contribute our bit and give them a healthy living.

1. Bedsheets
2. Dustbins
3. Soaps
4. Broom
5. Utensils
6. Towels
7. Clothes
8. Slippers
9. Toothbrush and paste
10. Comb

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

A volunteer teaching the importance of 'healthy handwash'

This picture speaks thousand words, firstly , the villagers are ready to learn what we are teaching them. secondly people are ready to volunteer their services for a noble cause.

We can can teach the same to the local residents in our city , if not villages and cover some area in vicinity. start identifying such places and take your first step.Lets become teachers for a great cause and keep our country clean and healthy.

Save the children from diarrhea!

If we take some of our time and join this campaign 'Banega swachh India', we can really make our country clean and healthy.
There is a bus that is travelling in various states of India and will halt at villages.
There are people in the bus who are ready to teach cleanliness habits to villagers.

I understand that people will say that there are no basic infrastructure in villages, how can rural mass keep themselves clean and tidy?

But if we just teach them basic handwash, we can save the children from diarrhea  and deaths.

Bitter fact, jago re!

These are some bitter facts that our nation is facing.Who is responsible for this alarming situation after 67 years of independence?
We all are responsible for this situation.The day we will start taking blames on us, we will start contributing our bit!
In Dubai, we hunt for dustbins, and in India, we can throw anywhere!
why we change our attitude with the change in country?
Cant we be self disciplined?
Its time to teach each other.

Multipurpose Roads:The bitter truth of Mumbai

As I cross the busiest western express highway of 'Amchi Mumbai' daily for my work in the morning, I see two sides of the coin. The kids are shitting on the roadsides and the vehicles are moving at their pace. No one bothered!

The scenario changes in afternoon, when the same roadsides are used by the same people to dry their wheat and eatables.Just imagine! How unhealthy?

What can be the solution to such problems?The slum dwellers are compelled to use the same roadside for different purposes.Afsoos!

 -Shubhi Lall

Monday, 13 October 2014

support the Banega Swachh India campaign

Hi Jewels,

We must join hands and support the Banega Swachh India campaign. There are lot many areas where cleanliness and hygiene needs to be monitored. Lets start from the school of our kids and complain the administration of the school if the toilets are not kept clean and proper.

Let's start a wave to clean each and every area which is in our reach.
Recently, my daughter asked a watchman not to spit on the floor and the watchman promised not to repeat the same.We should speak politely and say 'no' to people for many such things.Let's add our bit and join the campaign in our own way.

Your fan,