Tuesday, 24 May 2016

‘Manners to Life’ authored by Mahi Agarwal

Manners to Life’ penned by Mahi Agarwal

Mahi Agarwal is building stories since 2010 and wrote her first book ‘Manners to Life’ in 2015 when she was 7 and boldly emailed it directly to the CEO, Mr. Ashish Jain of University Book House, India who liked the stories and the social messages and published it in 2016.
Manners to Life’ is a collection of 9 short stories which give social messages like respect parent of others, use dustbins, sweepers are not our servants, don’t force friends for anything ,save little girls etc.
Mahi is a single child and since her parents are working, she was devoid of company and started playing with Barbie dolls a lot and started creating stories where each Barbie doll would become a character, either her sister, friend or a bad girl. She used to tell her mother about what she did with her dolls or how the dolls rescued the little doll or the animal.Gradually her imagination was recognized by her mother who introduced her to Mr. Chetan Jain, the Publisher. Mr Ashish Jain says, “We are proud of Mahi as she has given real good messages which a society really needs at the grass root level in our country. We are proud to be her publisher.”
Mahi is very confident in her abilities, saying, “I think I’m a creative writer and I knew I had a message to tell people in a creative way.” She says her mother; Shubhi Lall-Agarwal being a writer always inspired her to write something. Mahi’s father, Saurabh Agarwal is a very popular TV actor has always checked her on diction and pronunciation. Though the book is written in English but Mahi is very popular in her class for speaking very good Hindi. She is working on her next book ‘Learn from Amazing Animals.’

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 ISSN 2395-3268(Print), ISSN 2395-6356(Online)
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