Monday, 14 January 2013

Kites message to the Women - Fly at your own risk

You are flying, but mind han there are no rules to cut the kite. Anytime you can find yourself on road; thrashed, injured and torn into pieces. I am purchased for fun, I fly, but the higher I go, am more prone towards being cut and come back on grounds.
My player never tries to find me as they find more of lawaris kites lying on the floor. It’s their fun but I have seen lot of stress during my flight. Had the manja been in my control I could have enjoyed my flight more. It’s a matter of angle which cuts me and I am saved from that angle of society by my player. But ultimately I am cut. You save your self from that dangerous angle and you can fly higher and higher.
Whether small towns or metropolitan city, I am cut and go unnoticed, lying on the streets, but if I am reusable I am picked and used again. Sometimes I am used to advertise the products like atta, bhujiya, toys or a shop, but eventually my flight is difficult.
I can be safe only when I am used with an intention of respect and preserve, which is really difficult in our society as very few players have the intention of playing with their own kites. Majority of the players wants to cut me and enjoy the game.

By Shubhi lall
The author of the article is a Novelist, penned the book “Why outside, Why not India?”in 2004, Author of books on various topics of Computer Science, Activist, Amateur Painter ,Web Designer, Computer Professional, Ex- Assistant Professor at TISMCDR, Mumbai. She is currently pursuing Ph.D. (Computer Science) on Windmills to design an expert system to reduce carbon foot prints.